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Hi, I am Phil Veloso, a web developer and designer based in Amsterdam. I build websites and applications for organisations who make the world a happier and greener place.

Recent Projects

I have worked on projects ranging from immersive storytelling experiences and neighbourhood community platforms to architectural portfolios, events and much more...


The Impact Days project is a platform that promotes social entrepreneurship all around the Netherlands. The municipalities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht teamed up to make the social entrepreneurs in their cities more visible through a series of events.

The website is build in WordPress and leverages Google Maps Api for the interactive map as well as vitural pages to help the small team of editors manage the content.

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Buurtgids is an initiative that fosters connection and social inclusion. The platform allows users to search for tours in thier local area and walk along with the local ‘buurtgids’ guide, to get in touch with each other, the surroundings, local entrepreneurs and initiatives.

The platform is built in WordPress and incorporates a purpose built event scheduling and automated email notification system.

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Sustinable Urban Delta is a platform that inspires cities to make choices that open the door to healthy and sustainable urban growth based around the production of local and healthy food.

The website is build in WordPress and leverages advanced integrations with google analytics for granular event tracking.

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Finance for Biodiversity is an initiative that fosters collaboration between financial institutions via working groups, as a connecting body for contributing signatories and partner organizations.

The website is build in WordPress and includes a members portal whereby working groups can share information and engage in discussion together.

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Barentsz is an architectural firm that specialises in designing and building sustainable modular homes.

As the lead developer, I build a series of websites promoting their most recent houses. In addition, I created a client portal for project management and communications. For this project, I collaborated with DizzyGrizzly who provided the design and content.


Waterfilm Producties creates films that foster and accelerate positive change. Recently, they worked together with Afrant – an aid and development organisation active in Benin and Burkina Faso – to create the short documentary Dimitoni.

For this film, I built an immersive storytelling platform that incorporates video, audio, imagery and text in order to best tell the story through web.

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More About Me

Since an early age, I’ve been passionate about computers and technology. My curiosity for programming, databases, online security and electronics had lead me to learn how to use various languages, technologies and platforms.

If you would like to discuss a project, please contact me via phil[@]